Welcome to the City Clerk's page. Our office has quite a few responsibilities:
  • Attending City Council and advisory board meetings
  • Attesting to all contracts and agreements to which the city is part
  • Codifying the City Charter, Code of Ordinances, and Land Development Code
  • Coordinating requests for public records
  • Keeping true and accurate records of City Council and advisory board meetings
  • Overseeing and maintaining the City Seal
  • Maintaining official, historical, and archival records
  • Overseeing communications and marketing
  • Providing notice of meetings and legally required advertisements
  • Recording liens and releases
  • Supervising city elections and administering oaths
Our greatest responsibility is to you. People sometimes find government confusing and don't know where to start for information. Our office is a good springboard.

Can't find something on our website?  Please contact our office.  Communications and Marketing needs to know what you are looking for and where you are looking. 

Oldsmar Government Cable TV Channels

  • Bright House, Channel 640*
  • Frontier, Channel 43
  • WOW, Channel 15
  • *Bright House customers must have a new television with a built-in digital tuner or rent a cable box that allows access to this channel.  Please contact Bright House for more information.
  • *Effective February 9, 2015, the Bright House Channel will be moved from Channel 615 to 640.