Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division provides solid waste and recycling collection services for residents and businesses within the City of Oldsmar.
Yard Debris

Over the course of next week, the City will begin curbside pickup of YARD DEBRIS (remember VEGETATION ONLY). Place all yard debris ALONG YOUR CURB and SEPARATE from your standard recycling and solid waste containers. Yard debris DOES NOT NEED to be bundled or trimmed during this time to help ease our cleanup efforts.


To assist our residents and businesses with their cleanup efforts, the City of Oldsmar will have large dumpsters set up at 3 specific sites throughout the city for YARD DEBRIS (vegetation) ONLY. These are SELF-SERVICE; no staff will be able to assist.

Any vegetation brought CANNOT be bagged and does not need to be trimmed down.

Those wishing to utilize this opportunity must bring a photo ID with Oldsmar address. Businesses may bring an Oldsmar water bill.

The 3 sites will be open EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY daily from 7am to 7pm and are located at:

1. WEST OLDSMAR - Sheffield Park, 1923 Cutty Bay Court, Oldsmar

2. SOUTH OLDSMAR – Mobbly Beach Park, 807 Shore Drive E., Oldsmar

3. NORTH OLDSMAR – North side of Hayes Road; just east of Richard Rogers Park past the large pond in fenced area

Currently, there is NO LIMIT on the amount of vegetation Oldsmar residents and businesses FROM OLDSMAR PROPERTIES ONLY can bring to these sites. NOTE: those who do not comply with the regulations of no bagging and vegetation only will be turned away.

We appreciate your patience at these locations as we work together during our post Hurricane Irma cleanup efforts.