Leisure Services Master Plan

Leisure Services Master Plan Cover
Document Description
1.0 Introduction 1.1. Planning Process
1.2 Other Plans / Reference Documents
1.3 Recreation Trends
2.0 Study Setting 2.1 Population
2.2. Natural Features
2.3 Cultural Features
2.4 Existing Parks and Recreation Features Within the City
2.5 Existing Parks and Recreation Features Outside the City
3.0 Existing Park Facility Inventory 3.1. City Owned Recreational Facilities
3.2 Institutional / Private Owned Recreation Facilities
4.0 Park Requirements and Resident Survey 4.1 Comprehensive Plan
4.2 Resident Survey
4.3 Resident Survey Results
4.4 Resident Survey Outdoor / Indoor Desires
5.0 Needs Analysis
6.0 Action Plans 6.1 General Recommendations
6.2 Schematic Plans - Proposed Individual City Park Site Development
7.0 Implementation 7.1 Funding Strategies
7.2 Personnel Requirements
7.3 Recreation Program Strategies
7.4 Partnership Opportunities
7.5 Pinellas County School Board Service Agreement
7.6 Suggested Improvements

Document Description
Table 1 Guidelines for Outdoor Resources and Facilities
Table 2 Recreation and Open Space Plan
Table 3 Needs / Desires
Table 4 Site Development Criteria
Table 5 Current and Future Facility Needs
Table 6 Estimated 2010 Personnel Costs

Document Description
Figure 1 Recreation Facilities
Figure 2 Proposed Non-Motorized Multipurpose Trails
Figure 3 Proposed Canoe Trails
Figure 4 Canal Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 5 R.E. Olds Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 6 Moccasin Creek Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 7 Sheffield Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 8 Harbor Palms Nature Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 9 Oldsmar Arts Center (Schematic Design)
Figure 10 Bicentennial Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 11 Cypress Forest Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 12 Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve (Schematic Design)
Figure 13 Fire Station Park (Schematic Design)
Figure 14 Meadowview Park (Schematic Design)

Document Description
Appendix 1 Parks and Recreation Survey
Appendix 2 Pinellas Trail Network (Pinellas County MPO)
Appendix 3 Oldsmar Comprehensive Plan - Recreation and Open Space Element
Appendix 4 City of Oldsmar Code - Chapter 42
Appendix 5 Rental and Deposit Schedule
Appendix 6 Park Maintenance Standards