Public Notices

This page contains all inclusive information on various Public Notices by the City of Oldsmar.
If you should require further information or assistance, contact the City Clerk's Office at 813-749-1115.


ORD17-09 Annexation Legal Notice May30, 2017 ORD17-09 LEGAL AD
PN17-01 Downtown Water Line Replacement Project Public Notice May 11, 2017 PN17-01 NOTICE
ORD17-08 Life Station Inspections Legal Notice May 4, 2017 ORD17-08 LEGAL AD
RFP17-02 Consulting Services-City Manager Recruitment & Selection March 22, 2017 PFP17-02 NOTICE
RFQ17-01 Professional Services for Commercial Real Estate  March 9, 2017 RFQ17-01 NOTICE
ORD17-04 Annexation Legal Notice March 3, 2017 ORD17-04 LEGAL AD
ORD17-03 Annexation Legal Notice January 12, 2017 ORD17-03 LEGAL AD
ORD17-02 Vacate Mears Easement Legal Notice January 10, 2017 ORD17-02 LEGAL AD
ORD17-01 Medical Marijuana Legal Notice January 12, 2017 ORD17-01 LEGAL AD
ORD16-09 Bay Arbor Blvd Golf Cart Use Legal Notice November 4, 2016 ORD16-09 LEGAL AD
ORD16-08 Water Rate Increase Legal Notice November 4, 2016 ORD16-08 LEGAL AD
ORD16-07 Bayside Terrace Rezoning Legal Notice October 10, 2016 ORD16-07 LEGAL AD
ORD16-06 Bayside Terrace Land Use Legal Notice October 10, 2016 ORD16-06 LEGAL AD
DA16-02 Woodlands Square Shopping Center Legal Notice October 10, 2016 DA16-02 LEGAL AD
DA16-01 Bayside Terrace Homes Legal Notice October 10, 2016 DA16-01 LEGAL AD
VAR16-06 CRA Public Hearing Legal Notice May 26, 2016 VAR16-06 LEGAL AD
ORD16-04 Palmetto Circle (Paper Street) Legal Notice April 21, 2016 ORD16-04 LEGAL AD
ORD16-03 Multi-Modal Legal Notice April 7, 2016 ORD16-03 LEGAL AD
ORD16-02 Mobility Management System Legal Notice April 7, 2016 ORD16-02 LEGAL AD
SDL16-01 Storm Drain Lining Program - Property Owners' Notice March 15, 2016 SDL16-01
VAC16-01 Property Owners' Notice March 29, 2016 VAC16-01
ANN16-02 Property Owners' Notice March 29, 2016 ANN16-02
041316 Planning Board Legal Notice March 29, 2016 041316 LEGAL AD


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