Youth Park Scavenger Hunt


The Youth Park Scavenger Hunt is a way for families with children in Oldsmar to discover our parks and to have fun searching for different objects. The scavenger hunts will include a series of basic questions relevant to each park such as "how many red benches are in this park?", “how many swings are there on the playground at Bicentennial Park”, and "name 3 different birds you have spotted at Mobbly Bayou?", etc. 

Scavenger hunt checklists will be published weekly below. Residents are encouraged to take pictures of them and their children while participating in the scavenger hunt and posting them on social media with the hashtag #ParkScavengerHunt.


Saturday, August 8 – Friday, August 14

Youth Park Scavenger Hunt Featuring: R.E. Olds Park

Scavenger Questions

  • How many different colored benches are there and what are the colors?
  • How many yellow circles are on the red climbing sphere next to the sand volleyball court?
  • What color is the roof of the stage at the Amphitheater?
  • What is the name of the wonderful Oldsmar resident that is on the Amphitheater brass plaque?
  • How many volleyball nets are in the Park?
  • The playground next to the volleyball court is made up of 3 colors.  What are they?
  • How many steps is it from the beginning to the end of the pier?


Saturday, August 1 – Friday, August 7

Youth Park Scavenger Hunt Featuring: Sheffield Park

Scavenger Questions & Answers

  • How many picnic shelters are located in Sheffield Park? A: 3
  • One of the shelters has a different colored roof than the other two. What color is it? A: Blue
  • How many swings are there in the playground? A: 4
  • What colors are included in the sidewalk Butterfly Mural located at the entrance to the trail? A: Blue, Green, Orange
  • What is the color of the basketball court? A: Green
  • The fencing in Sheffield Park is unique. What color is it? A: Green
  • Which Disc Golf Hole has an elevated target? A: Hole #7
  • What color are the tennis courts? A: Blue