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Understanding what should and should not go into your trash and recycle bins is important to help keep our environment clean. Check out the tabs below to learn more about waste in Oldsmar.

  1. Ashlee Painter

    Environmental Management Supervisor

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Residential Do's and Don'ts

Did you know that just because there is a recycling triangle on a container, it does not mean it is recyclable? Understanding what can and cannot be recycled in residential programs can be confusing! Things that are recyclable in one city are not the same in another. Throwing wrong items into your recycling bin can contaminate an entire load. Check out the easy Do's and Don'ts of recycling in Oldsmar below. And remember:

When in Doubt, Throw it Out

Residential DO'sResidential DON'Ts
1. Metal - Only food and drink cans
1. Food Soiled - No greasy or food soiled containersDirty food panpizza boxdirty plate
2. Glass - Only bottles and jarsglass2. Styrofoam - Not recycled in residential programsstyrofoam containerstyrofoam peanuts

styrofoam egg carton
3. Plastic - Only bottles and jugsplastic bottles and jugs3. Hard Plastics - Not all plastics are recyclablehangersblindstoy 
4. Cartons - No strawscartons4. Plastic Bags - No plastic bags & film in residential programsshrink wrapgrocery baggarbage bag
5. Paper & Cardboard - Clean & dry, No food residue, No shredded paperpaper & cardboard5. Tanglers - Chains, hoses, light strands, & other tanglersChristmas lightsChainGarden hose

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