Downtown Redevelopment

As the City prepares to solicit development proposals for the city-owned property located near City Hall, the City hosted a Community Visioning Workshop on July 20. Participants learned about what the regulations allow on the property, explored case study examples of similar locations, and were asked for input to develop a collective Vision Statement and associated Goals for this important site within the Oldsmar Town Center.

The workshop will be led by a professional planning and facilitation consultant who will compile and present the community input results to the Oldsmar City Council tentatively on August 16.  It is the intent that the collaborative Vision Statement and other shared Goals will be included in the “Request for Letter of Intent” details that will be distributed to the development community. The purpose is to provide potential developers insight into the community vision for the site so that respondents may tailor their proposals to meet shared objectives.

If you were unable to attend, please take some time to review the video from the Workshop.

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As a City Council priority for many years, the City of Oldsmar has initiated efforts to enhance the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) by creating an identifiable, vibrant, and walkable downtown along State Street and St. Petersburg Drive. To support this vision, the City has invited input from the community over 82 times at various public meetings since 2001.

Since establishing a CRA in 1994, there have been many investments to improve the area, and progress toward the vision of creating a downtown. Some of the public investments include upgrades to the potable water system, construction of streetscape elements (parking, lighting, crosswalks, etc.), renovation of the former Oldsmar Bank building and the State Street Center, and construction of the Oldsmar Public Library.  The City also bought land for the redevelopment of a “downtown” corridor (depicted in the graphic).  The City owns about 7 acres of land next to and north of the Library , the “Library Site”, along St. Petersburg Drive, and about 7 acres of land, the “City Hall” site, which includes property on the north side of State Street from SR 580 to Washington Avenue.

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