St. Petersburg Drive Complete Streets

St. Petersburg Drive Complete Streets

On April 11, 2018 Forward Pinellas selected the City's St. Petersburg Drive Construction Project as its number one priority to receive a $1,000,000 Complete Streets construction grant. "Complete Streets" are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including motorists, transit, pedestrian, bicycles, golf carts, etc. The goal of this project is to provide safe multimodal connectivity between residential areas and activity centers and local businesses. The project will extend from Bayview Blvd. to Dartmouth Ave. First, overhead power and private utilities will be placed underground. Then, the existing roadside ditches will be replaced with stormwater pipes in order to accommodate a 10-foot trail on the southern side of the road and an 8-foot sidewalk and some parking on the north side of the road. The project will involve signs and markings, and a narrowing of the traffic lanes to encourage slower speeds and accommodate golf carts. Finally, the project will be landscaped, have upgrade lighting, and provide hardscape features in order to improve the aesthetics of the Community Redevelopment Area. 

The slides below were presented at a public meeting about the project on October 12, 2021. (Another meeting will be held prior to construction.) The project was presented to the Oldsmar City Council on July 17, 2018. To watch the Council presentation on the City's YouTube channel, click HERE.

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City of Oldsmar St Petersburg Drive Streetscape and Drainage Project Schedule

City Awarded Grant April 2018
Preliminary Design Completed October 2020
SWFWMD Permit August 2021
Public Meeting October 2021
Final Design Completed Winter 2021-2022
Undergrounding of Utilities Begin Spring 2022
Undergrounding of Utilities Complete Winter 2022-2023
Roadway Construction Winter 2023-2024