Annual Budget 

The annual budget for the city of Oldsmar represents a detailed financial plan that outFY23-24 Budget booklines the city's expected revenues and expenditures for a given fiscal year. It serves as a blueprint for allocating resources to various departments, programs, and services to effectively meet the needs of the community. If you would like to view the annual budget for the city of Oldsmar, you can click on the image to access the budget documents. These documents provide a comprehensive breakdown of the city's financial plans, including revenue sources, expenses, and other important financial details. It offers transparency and allows residents and stakeholders to understand how public funds are being utilized to support the city's operations and services.

Capital Improvement Program

The City of Oldsmar's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a six-year plan aimed at investing in the city's infrastructure, including public buildings, major str1 Cover Sheet - Proposed CIP 2023-2029 Opens in new windoweet improvements, and the acquisition of vehicles and equipment. The city prioritizes projects based on the direction set by the City Council and the community's needs. This prioritization aligns with the implementation of the city's strategic plan, ensuring investments are made in projects that best serve the entire community. To explore more about the capital improvement program, you can click on the image to visit the CIP portal. The portal provides comprehensive project overviews, including descriptions, timelines, budgets, and updates, serving as a valuable resource to stay informed about the city's infrastructure development initiatives.

Annual Accomplishments

The annual accomplishments document is a valuable resource that highlights theAnnual Accomplisments 2023 Opens in new window significant achievements, milestones, and progress made by the City of Oldsmar over the course of a year. It provides a comprehensive overview of the city's accomplishments in various areas such as community development, economic growth, infrastructure improvements, environmental initiatives, public services, and more. This document serves as a way to showcase the city's dedication to enhancing the quality of life for its residents and achieving its strategic goals. If you would like to view the annual accomplishments document for the City of Oldsmar, you can click on the image to access the document.

Current Projects

The City of Oldsmar currently has several current projects that are contributing toDocument Opens in new window the ongoing development and enhancement of the city. These projects include Douglas Road improvements, downtown redevelopment initiatives, Harbor Palms infrastructure improvements, and surveys. Each of these projects plays a crucial role in improving the overall infrastructure and gathering valuable community feedback. To view the active projects, simply click on the image. This resource will provide comprehensive updates, project descriptions, timelines, and any relevant information related to the ongoing projects.

Community Engagement Report 

In January 2023, the City Council officially adopted a Community Engagement Policy. This policy outlines five fundamental principles of community engagement. As per the policy, the City Manager is required to provide a report that serves as a comprehensive record of the city's efforts to actively involve the community in the decision-making process. This ensures that the public's opinions, needs, and concerns are acknowledged and considered.  Click here to read the report. 

Strategic Plan 

A strategic plan lays out a long-term vision, goals, and priorities for a city's development and growth. It's a useful document that guides city leaders, officials, and stakehoSP-Graphic Opens in new windowlders in making informed decisions towards enhancing residents' quality of life, promoting economic prosperity, addressing infrastructure needs, and tackling challenges and opportunities. To learn more about the strategic plan for the City of Oldsmar, click on the image for more information.