Reclaimed Water Division

Dry Weather Protocol

Reclaimed Water Level I Dry Weather Protocol is currently in effect. Reclaimed watering is allowed daily between 6:00PM-Noon the following day. Please note that due to high demand on the reclaimed supply, service could be intermittently interrupted.

Reclaimed Service Availability

A reclaimed service availability fee will be effective January 1, 2013.

Please Note: Only residents who have current access to reclaimed water and have not connected will incur the monthly fee.

Gull-Aire Phase 1 residents are not affected. Gull-Aire Phase 2 residents will have the fee if they are not connected to reclaimed water.

The fee is $4.14.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Reclaimed Water Division accounts for the costs of providing reclaimed water to customers within the current service area. The Wastewater Division is responsible for operating the reclaimed water storage facility, insuring that the effluent which enters the system complies with applicable standards, and for monitoring the ground water adjacent to the distribution system. The Water Division maintains the reclaimed water distribution system and is responsible for connecting new customers to the system.

This service is available to residents in many areas of Oldsmar.

Please contact us to inquire about reclaimed water service availability on your street.