Stormwater Division

Duties & Responsibilities

The Stormwater Division provides a high level of service for the maintenance and repair of drainage structures and systems throughout the City. The Division maintains the City’s ditches and ponds to keep them free from aquatic weeds and algae growth and manages a bi-monthly street sweeping program to remove pollutants from our roadways to prevent contamination of our waterways. The Division also makes sure all required activities, such as maintenance, inspections, public notification, and education, are being documented to ensure compliance with the City’s NPDES MS4 permit.

Fertilizer Ban

A Pinellas Count ordinance bans the sell and use of any lawn or landscape fertilizer that contains nitrogen or phosphorous from June 1 to September 30. This ban is to protect our aquatic environment during the rainy season.

Pinellas County Ordinance, Article XII, Chapter 58

For additional stormwater education please visit the Pinellas County Environmental website.

  1. Only Rain Down the Drain
  2. What is a Watershed?

Illustration of how stormwater runoff leads to our waterwaysStormwater runoff is rainfall that does not absorb into the ground. Instead, it runs off over our yards, streets, parking lots, and buildings. The runoff then enters our stormwater system which flows directly into creeks, lakes, and Tampa Bay. 

Leaves, grass clippings, chemicals, and trash contaminate stormwater and should NEVER be put down storm drains. These items have a negative effect on our environment and can contribute to beach closures and algal blooms.

Additionally, trash, leaves, and grass clippings clog storm drains causing back-ups and increased flooding. By making sure that only rain goes down the drain, you are helping to keep our community healthy and safe.

To learn more about stormwater visit the Pinellas County Stormwater website.