Inspection Services

The City of Oldsmar Fire Rescue staff provides many different types of inspection services. In addition to periodic commercial fire and life safety inspections, we also offer courtesy inspections for smoke alarm checks and residential fire extinguisher checks. All of the inspections are free of charge and done in a collaborative manner with the home or business owner. Please contact the fire station if you would like to schedule any of our courtesy inspections. If there is some fire or life safety service that you do not see discussed here but have questions about, please contact us and we will assist in any way possible.

Periodic Commercial Business Inspections

Fire Rescue state-certified fire inspectors perform periodic fire and life safety inspections of all commercial businesses within Oldsmar. The inspectors are looking to ensure that the provisions of the Florida Fire Prevention Code are being adhered to, resulting in a building that prevents the start of fires and allows the emergency egress of occupants should a fire or other emergency occur. Some of the typical items an inspector may check to include:

  • Condition and testing of fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems
  • Functionality and testing of commercial cooking hood fire suppression systems
  • Items that may be specifically required by code for the occupancy type
  • Proper exit signage and emergency lighting fixtures
  • Unobstructed exits and clear paths of travel to an exit

Inspectors work with the company management to educate and inform key personnel of potential violations and unsafe practices. If code violations are identified, a Notice of Violation is completed and a workable time frame for compliance is provided. A follow-up compliance inspection will be conducted to ensure that all violations have been corrected. Should violations still exist but a reasonable effort has been put forth by the company or something beyond their control has occurred, the fire inspector will allow additional time for compliance. Violations that are not corrected may result with a Notice of Violation being issued, a Notice of Hearing issued, and the business and property owner would be taken to the city's code enforcement board for potential punitive action.

Courtesy Inspections

Smoke Alarm Checks

Fire Rescue staff will assist homeowners in determining if their smoke alarms are operating and installed properly. If no smoke detectors are present and there is a financial impediment to the owner purchasing a smoke alarm, the Fire Department will provide a smoke alarm free of charge.

Fire Extinguisher Checks

Fire Rescue staff will assist homeowners in determining if their fire extinguishers are functional, installed appropriately, and suitable for the type of hazard anticipated. Commercial businesses must have a state-licensed fire extinguisher vendor perform annual inspections of their fire extinguishers.

Home Fire Safety Inspections

Fire inspectors will assist residents in identifying potential fire hazards within the home. These inspections do not result in any Notice of Violations being issued and are purely informational for the homeowner to use as a guide.

New Business Assistance

If a new business is opening and would like fire inspectors to perform an inspection of the building or space prior to occupancy, we will do this and not issue a Notice of Violation. Inspectors will also review any minor building plans that may be submitted for the permit prior to that submittal to allow the business opportunity to correct the plans ahead of time.