Community Redevelopment Agency


The City of Oldsmar established the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)  in October 1994, with the adoption of Resolution No. 94-22 by the City Council. The primary function of the agency is the redevelopment of a designated geographic area also called the "Town Center" area. The CRA  operates under Florida Chapter 163, Part III and Chapter 189 as a 'special district.'

Historical Perspective

Oldsmar City Council adopted Resolution 93-04 establishing a Community Redevelopment Area Boundary. Resolution 95-12 and Resolution 95-24 expanded the Community Redevelopment Area boundary and provided for a consistent legal description of the CRA boundary.


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CRA Annual Reports

The CRA Annual Reports include financial information for the Fiscal Year (October 1 - September 30) the current year report is available online.

Aerial Map of Oldsmar's Community Redevelopment Agency Area

Functions and Purpose

The City Council of the City of Oldsmar functions as the Redevelopment Agency Board and performs the legislative and governing duties and responsibilities of the agency. The Planning and Redevelopment Director performs the day to day administrative duties as the Director of the agency under the general oversight and supervision of the City Manager who is the registered agent for the agency.

The purpose of the CRA is the rehabilitation, conservation, redevelopment (or combination thereof) of the implementation of the City's Community Redevelopment Plan.