Our Mission

"To provide leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship, and excellent services in partnership with the community"

The City of Oldsmar follows a council-Exterior Front of Oldsmar City Hallmanager system of governance where the city council, composed of elected officials, acts as the legislative body. Their responsibilities include developing policies, passing ordinances, and representing the interests of the community. Working alongside the council is a professional city manager who oversees the city's day-to-day operations and implements policies set by the council. The city manager is a non-elected administrative leader who possesses expertise in managing city departments, budgeting, and implementing council decisions. The council-manager system aims to promote effective governance, accountability, and professional management of the city's operations.

There are two other significant positions within the council-manager system in Oldsmar, namely the city clerk and the city attorney. The city clerk holds a vital administrative role in the local government and is responsible for maintaining official records and documents of the council's proceedings, such as meeting minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and other essential records. The city clerk ensures that these records are transparent and accessible to the public while also handling elections, legal notices, and other administrative functions linked to the council's activities.

On the other hand, the city attorney acts as a legal advisor to the council and city administration. They provide legal guidance and support on matters related to municipal law, contracts, ordinances, and other legal issues. The city attorney may attend council meetings to offer legal advice, review, and draft legal documents, represent the city in legal proceedings, and ensure that the city's actions comply with relevant laws and regulations. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the city's actions are legally sound and in the best interest of the community.