Mears Commerce Center

A Key Transportation Corridor

Located at the top of Old Tampa Bay is the City of Oldsmar, a unique city in the Tampa Bay Area. The City of Oldsmar is a prime locality for many commercial and industrial businesses. Over 55,000 vehicles per day traverse Tampa Road in Oldsmar, a key transportation corridor linking the Tampa Bay area and the North Pinellas county peninsula.

Industrial Business Park

Mears Commerce Center is an industrial business park located south of Tampa Road and east of Forest Lakes Boulevard in the City of Oldsmar, Florida.

 Mears Commerce Center

Easily accessible from Tampa Road, this 35 acre industrial business park is home to over 40 businesses offering printing services, construction and building services, restoration services and state of the art medical and machining services to clients throughout the world.

Locating a Business

If you are looking to locate a business, consider Mears Commerce Center in the City of Oldsmar!

Building sizes range from 2,000 square feet to over 20,000 square feet available for lease or purchase for clean, low intensity manufacturing and processing activities such as office space, warehousing and distribution centers in a campus-like, business park setting.

The business directory lists the businesses within the Mears Commerce Center.