Vision Description

Tampa Road is Oldsmar's main commercial corridor and busiest road. The redevelopment of the Tampa Road Corridor can only enhance the reputation that Oldsmar is a great place to live, work, and play by having the gateway into the city stand out from the rest of Tampa Bay' commercial corridors. We've been told by many visitors, "I wish my city looked like Oldsmar" and we want more to say that.

This starts with the visual appearance of the corridor. The city for years has been working with the Florida Department of Transportation to enhance the medians along Tampa Road with the planting of palms, oaks, shrubs, and flowing plants within the medians. This breaks up the sea of asphalt that other corridors are hindered by. The city takes great pride in maintaining the medians while other communities leave them to overgrow. These medians are the foundation for the landscaping that will be planted along the corridor.

Plan Vision

As properties redevelop, the city requires that the landscaping be diverse, lush, and interesting. Some communities are okay with just a straight hedge line; Oldsmar wants a design that incorporates shade trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, a design that is interesting and serves as an example to others. The city wants to be the example that other communities look at when they decide to improve their corridors.


Another goal of the corridor is to make it more pedestrian friendly. While there are sidewalks, it can be intimidating for some to walk so close to moving cars on narrow sidewalks. The city intends to work with property owners to place wider, meandering sidewalks that allow access and protect existing trees.


Staff has been working with property owners to design their buildings with architecture in mind. Unattractive buildings can really diminish a person's impression of an area. Staff developed broad architecture guidelines that ensure that owners will have the freedom to design their buildings but insuring that boring and unattractive buildings aren't constructed. The city developed Land Development Code Amendments to improve appearance, mobility and economic opportunities along Tampa Road. During this process the city held a public meeting asking for all business and property owners to give us their ideas for improving Tampa Road. The Plan includes architectural and landscaping guidelines and pedestrian friendly enhancements. City Council approved Land Development Code Amendments to implement these guidelines for the Tampa Road Corridor as a premier commercial corridor.

The adopted amendments are available online.