Downtown Water Main Replacement


The Downtown Water Main Replacement Project is bounded by State Road 580, Lafayette Blvd., and Tampa Bay. The project serves as the second phase of work that began before the economic downturn in 2008. The improvements will include replacement of deteriorating galvanized water piping with HDPE and PVC piping and extension of reclaimed water service to the downtown region that is not already served. The work will improve water quality, pressure, fire protection and provide a less expensive alternative to potable water irrigation.

Map of Construction Phases for Downtown Water Main Replacement Project.
Downtown Watermain Map Oldsmar Public Works


  • Project bid and Keystone Excavators of Oldsmar selected
  • Construction began August 2018
  • Area 1 is complete. Area 2 and Area 3 are in progress
  • Work is anticipated to take approximately one year to complete
  • See project map above for construction phasing
  • For more information contact Charles Lee, Senior Engineering Technician at 813-749-1232.