Annual Accomplishments

council priorities 2021
  1. Economic Development
  2. Community
  3. INfrastructure

Build the Downtown Corridor

The City aggressively pursued the development of the downtown corridor. To accelerate downtown development, several objectives were achieved:

  • City Council approved negotiations with Woodfield Development for the City Hall site
  • City Council approved negotiations with Devon Rushnell for the Library site
  • City is pursuing the addition of a density incentive for the TCCR zoning district

Execute Economic Development Plan Strategies as Feasible

The City continued the execution of its Economic Development Plan strategies including the implementation of a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan and the facilitation of numerous education sessions in coordination with the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce.

administrative services 2021


  • Completed TRIM process for 2020 tax year and received TRIM Certification from Florida Department of Revenue
  • Completed warehouse inventory reduction program.
  • Installed new Fuel Management system for City fleet vehicles.
  • Coordinated Capital Project Funding, including draws for the Harbor Palms Construction Project.
  • Managed grants for the Burbank Road and Douglas Road improvement projects.


  • Procured and implement new employee health, dental and vision plans with Cigna.
  • Implemented a new automated benefits enrollment system providing enhanced access, document storage and efficiencies.
  • Provided a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) including the service offerings.
  • Completed comprehensive update of the City's Personnel Policies and Procedures.
  • Implemented a comprehensive wellness and mental health employee program. Held various wellness events throughout the year, including:
    • Turkey Strut
    • Ugly Sweater Contest
    • Blood Pressure Challenge
    • Employee Health Fair
    • Wellness Screenings
    • Safer-at-Home Bingo Challenge
    • Hydration Challenge
    • EAP Promotions and Webinars
    • On-Site Yoga


  • Continued expansion of the enterprise class wi-fi system to the Municipal Services Building and the Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plan.
city clerk 2021


  • Completed 2019 Qualifying Period for 2020 Municipal Election.
  • Conducted 2020 Municipal Election.


  • Coordinated Ordinance Review Committee and drafted report of recommendations.
  • Coordinated and hosted six virtual City Council meetings.
  • Coordinated 2019 Citizens Academy for 22 participants.


  • Processed over 493 assessment searches.
  • Processed 718 records requests.
communications, marketing and the arts 2021


  • Produced three editions of the City's magazine, Experience Oldsmar.  Direct mailed 4,700 copies to all Oldsmar households.
  • Updated and managed the City's website,, in accordance with federal accessibility guidelines. There were 14,867 website visits in FY 19/20.
  • Created over 50 custom video productions for various campaigns.
  • Managed social media accounts, increasing the number of followers across all platforms
    • Instagram had the largest increase of 27.75% from 944 to 1,205 followers
    • Facebook gained 942 followers for a total of 16.647
  • Managed public inquiries for COVID-19 and Tropical Storm Eta.


  • Coordinated juried photo exhibit entitled "Oldsmar in Focus" at City Hall.
  • Initiated and executed a public pop-up community art exhibit entitled "Ribbon Trees".
  • Secured and coordinated SPACEcraft for the initial launch in Oldsmar with Creative Pinellas. SPACEcraft is a socially-engaged, traveling art project that will be located through the County over the next two years.
emergency operations 2021

  • Updated the City's Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Performed specific event emergency operations for the COVID-19 pandemic and Tropical Storm Eta.
  • Prepared 4,000 sandbags for emergency storm response.


Published and implemented 46 Mayor's Executive Orders including State of Emergency declarations, social distancing and group size requirements, virtual meeting allowance, and postponement of utility shut-offs.

Created and managed a comprehensive on-line resource directory, and a COVID-19 information hotline.

Served as a Feeding Tampa Bay meal site to provide lunches to school-aged children during the time schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Created new online content to provide recreation and library services, including the creation of 50 videos.

Created debris drop-off site during the COVID-19 shut down.

Designed and implemented utility bill grant program for residents unable to pay utility bills due to hardship created by COVID-19. The program served 82 residents granting a total of $30,130.

Supported City's remote workforce through technological enhancements such as the deployment of laptops, webcams, virtual meeting formats, and a secure VPN connection.

fire rescue 2021

  • Procured a replacement unit for Rescue 54. Rescue 54 is an Advanced Life Support unit that responds primarily to medical calls.
  • Entered into a five-year Wildland Fire Protection Services Agreement with Pinellas County.


  • 1,366 Medical incidents
  • 137 Vehicle crashes
  • 101 Fire alarm responses
  • 56 Fire incident responses


  • 353 Fire inspections
  • 60 Car seat installations & inspections
  • 7 CPR & First Aid Classes
  • 3 Fire Extinguisher Classes
  • Inaugural Touch-A-Truck event


  • 192 hours of company training annually for each firefighter.
  • 12 hours of driver training annually for each driver.
  • 12 hours of leadership training annually for each officer.
  • 18 hours of facility training annually for all Fire Rescue employees.

Met or exceeded the goal of 20 hours of firefighting training per month for all line personnel. This included Firefighter Skills Training, Engine Driver Training, Florida State Fire College courses, and Recertification courses (Instructor, Fire Safety Inspector, Live Fire Instructor).

leisure services 2021


  • Replaced playgrounds at Richard Rogers Park and the Oldsmar Sports Complex.
  • Replaced the flooring in the classrooms at the Cypress Forest Recreation Center.
  • Replaced the fencing around the football and soccer fields at the Oldsmar Sports Complex.
  • Installed fencing around the hockey rink at the Oldsmar Sports Complex.
  • Installed fencing and netting behind Field #7 at the Oldsmar Sports Complex.
  • Resurfaced outdoor basketball courts at Richard Rogers Park and Sheffield Park.
  • Completed modernization of the elevator located in City Hall.
  • Installed fencing around the perimeter of the Municipal Services Complex.
  • Demolished buildings at 101 Fairfield Street and 504 St. Petersburg Drive East.


  • Organized and implemented citywide special events including Sunset Sounds Concert Series, Haunted Happenings, Veterans Day Celebration, Annual Tree Lighting, Christmas Wonderland, Breakfast with Santa, Holiday Golf Cart Parade, Annual Talent Show, Celebrate Oldsmar, and a modified Memorial Day remembrance in spite of COVID-19.
  • Hosted a successful youth theater production by the Oldsmar Performing Arts League (OPAL) of "The Lion King, Jr." with over 200 in attendance.
  • Facilitated the grand opening of the new Lightning Made Street Hockey Rink in October, 2019 with over 150 in attendance.
  • Implemented new hockey league programs for youth and adults with 12 adult teams per season, and 65 youth league participants.
  • Provided diverse recreational programs throughout the City with 6,898 participants.
  • Successfully planned and executed a 12-week summer camp with full COVID-19 protocols for 54 youth summer campers.


  • Completed over 800 work order service requires in the Facilities Maintenance Division.


  • Installed a new All Wars Memorial Monument at Veterans Memorial Park in coordination with the Veterans Advisory Board.
  • Enhanced agreement with Empower Adventures Tampa Bay to operate the zipline facility at Mobbly Bayou, and paddling tours from R.E. Olds Park. There were 8.792 visitors to the zipline facility, and 33 paddling tours.
  • Developed an agreement with the Oldsmar Organic Community Garden to provide garden plots and educational programs at the garden, located in Bicentennial Park. There were 18 members occupying 21 garden plots.
  • Completed the installation of an Emergency Trail Marker system which identifies GIS mapped locations along less populated sections of the Oldsmar Trail for users to contact emergency services in the case of an emergency.
  • Completed the installation of a new lightning detection system at the Oldsmar Sports Complex which notifies park users of dangerous lightning approaching the facility.
  • Completed landscape refurbishment of the State Street and Bayview Blvd. medians.
  • Received a Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program grant for the renovation of the baseball facility at the Oldsmar Sports Complex in the amount of $200,000.
public library 2021

  • Circulated 4,000 more downloadable materials than the previous year, for a total of 19,935.
  • The first Comic-Con event was held with over 600 attendees.
  • Hosted Remembering Florida's Fallen photo exhibit for the fifth consecutive year.
  • Joined FLIN SHAREit, a new program for sharing materials between libraries across the State of Florida.
  • Library card membership expanded to 69% of Oldsmar residents, which is the third highest percentage in Pinellas County.
planning redevelopment

  • Completed construction permitting of Bayside Terrace, a townhouse community of 164 units.
  • Actively hosted community workshop to inform residents about the impacts of the new Flood Plain maps to be implemented in 2021. Over 200 residents attended.
  • Completed Community Rating Systems (CRS) audit and maintained a Class Rating of 6. Residents & businesses will receive a 20% discount on their flood insurance premiums on properties located within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Properties located outside the SFHA will receive a 10% discount on their flood insurance premiums.
  • Drafted and implemented new Land Development Code Amendments to allow for increase in density for hotel use, and introduce an eclectic architectural system to the Town Center.
  • Processed 1,299 building construction permits, 35 water meters, 55 tree removal permits, 14 temporary banner permits, 146 golf cart decals.
  • Processed 42 planning cases.


  • Tidal Wave Car Wash
  • Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers
  • Shaker & Peel Restaurant
  • Primrose Child Care Center
  • ShimSpine Medical Office
  • Health & Psychiatry Medical Facility


  • Kanter & Associates Accounting Office
  • Sanderson Medical Center
  • Second building for Health & Psychiatry Medical Facility
  • Gim Gong Road Retail Office Building
  • Burbank Road warehouse building
  • Pine Avenue warehouse addition


Performed the following code enforcement activities:

  • Responded to 576 code enforcement complaints.
  • Responded to 45 inoperable vehicle complaints.
  • Removed 694 illegal signs.
  • Completed 506 title searches.
  • Performed 62 fence inspections, 25 landscape inspections, 32 driveway inspections, and 16 golf cart applications.
public works 2021


  • Completed the Downtown Watermain Replacement Project. The project replaced more than 18,000 LF of potable water piping, extended 2,000 LF of reclaimed water service, replace 17 fire hydrants, and installed more than 250 water services with touch-read water meters.
  • Completed Phase 1 of the Harbor Palms Infrastructure Improvements Project. This included the installation of more than 10,000 LF of watermain, more than 200 water services, more than 20,000 LF of curb and gutter, and more than 16,000 SY roadway resurfacing.  In addition, more than 5,500 LF of clay sewer pipe were lined in rear easements.
  • Commenced Burbank Road Extension Project including finalizing the construction and maintenance agreements with CSXT railroad, finalizing design plans with contract documents to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and negotiating temporary construction easements.
  • Negotiated grant agreement with the Federal Highway Administration for Oldsmar Trail Phase VI for the segment from Race Track Road to Stevens Avenue.
  • Commenced design of the St. Petersburg Drive Complete Streets Projects.  Coordinated with Tampa Electric Company to begin process for undergrounding of utilities.
  • Robotically televised, evaluated and mapped more than 10 miles of sanitary sewer piping.
  • Negotiated contract, initiated design services, and negotiated grant agreement with FDOT for the reconstruction of Douglas Road from Commerce Blvd. to Stevens Ave.
  • Initiated design for the ROWTP High Service Pump Station Variable Frequency Drive and Pump Replacement.


  • Reviewed 334 permit documents such as site plans, variances, minor amendments, and plats.
  • Issued and inspected 181 right-of-way permits.
  • Performed six Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) stormwater system inspections.
  • Complied and submitted annual citywide MS4 (stormwater) permit report to Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).


  • Completed Phase 2 of Moccasin Creek Ditch Cleaning Project.
  • Maintained 2 miles of ditches for erosion and vegetation.
  • Completed sidewalk replacement contract for portions of Park Blvd, Exeter St, and Shore Dr.
  • Replaced additional 400 LF of sidewalk and 10 catch basin lids in various locations.
  • Removed 6,662 LF of stop bars and road striping.
  • Created more than 400 roadway and informational signs.


  • Performed maintenance of 71 City vehicles, 88 wheeled pieces of equipment, and all landscaping maintenance equipment.
  • Installed 52 new tires, repaired 11 tires, and replaced 19 batteries.


  • Located all City utilities at 1,311 sites for every construction project in City rights-of-way.
  • Repaired 413 water distribution leaks and corrected 61 sewer clogs.
  • Installed 231 water and reclaimed water meters and boxes.
  • Installed 40 new water services and tested 90 meters for accuracy.
  • Tested and maintained all 320 potable backflow prevention devices.
  • Replaced large compound meters for Emerald Bay, Westminster Apts., and East Lake Club Apts.


  • Performed preventative maintenance of 27 sewer lift stations, 11 well sites, and both treatment facilities.
  • Repaired and/or replaced 17 pumps/motors within the lift stations or treatment facilities.
  • Performed major rehabilitation of the Gim Gong lift station.
  • Installed and programmed 11 new lift station radios and antennas to complete the upgrade from UHF to VHF radios at all City lift stations.
  • Updated and installed new software on programmable logic controllers (PLC) at 26 lift stations.


  • Treated 550 million gallons (MG) of wastewater.
  • Distributed 327 MG of reclaimed water.
  • Stored 223 MG of reclaimed water recharged into the aquifer.
  • Managed reclaimed water and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) systems, resulting in 261 days of "zero discharge" into Mobbly Bayou.


  • Produced over 500 MG of safe purified drinking water from brackish groundwater wells while complying 100% with all state and federal regulations.
  • Conducted FDEP triannual sampling for lead and copper with lowest results since plant's inception.
  • Conducted FDEP Asbestos Compliance Sampling Event (every 9 years), all resulting in compliance.
  • Performed FDEP mechanical integrity test of injection well (every 5 years), all passed with no deficiencies. 
  • Completed PLC upgrades on all supply wells and RO treatment facility to enhance communication signals between well sites, RO facility, and plant process systems.


  • Upgraded to gold-level certification under the Florida Green Building Coalition's Florida Green Local Government program.
  • Conducted 15 presentations on a variety of sustainability topics.
  • Hosted three community events - Coastal Clean UpDrop Savers Art Poster Contest, and Annual Recycling Day.
  • Launched Adopt-a-Street Program with 76% available street adoptions in first year.
  • Installed a new double electric vehicle charging station on State Street East.
  • Initiated citywide Climate Resiliency Plan study and secured a Florida Resilient Coastlines Program Grant to partially fund.


  • Inspected and sampled 9 permitted industrial users.
  • Investigated 5 environmental incidents.
  • Investigated 2 illicit discharges.
  • Inspected 42 Private Life Stations.
city awards 2021

  • Awarded a Community Rating System Rating of 6. This means that residents in a special flood hazard area are eligible for a 20% discount on flood insurance, while residents outside of the special flood hazard area are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Received GFOA Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for FY ending September 30, 2018 for the 28th year in a row.
  • Received GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for FY 19/20 Budget for 7th year in a row.
  • Recognized as Tree City USA for the 20th Year.
  • Since 2004, the first community in Florida designated and recognized by National Weather Service as a Storm Ready Community.