What type of uses and density are allowed at the City Hall site now? I heard that only professional offices were going to be allowed?

The site located next to City Hall is in the TCCR (Town Center Commercial Residential) zoning district.  Currently, without an incentive to construct a vertically integrated mixed-use building, a 5-acre site could support: 

- 6 story building (up to 75 feet in height)

- 150 residential units (about 211,000 sq. ft.), and  217,000 sq. ft. of commercial space

Please note this change would provide an incentive to build a higher number of residential units rather than a higher amount of commercial presently allowed.

The City of Oldsmar's Town Center Code articulates the uses allowed in the TCCR District. The currently permitted uses are as follows:

TCCR 3.7.2. - Permitted uses.    

1. Retail sales and service establishments.

2. Retail centers.

3. Transient accommodations, not to exceed 80 units per acre. Increases in density, accompanied by a Development Agreement, may be permitted subject to approval of a Countywide Plan Map amendment permitting the density increase.

4. Restaurants, except drive through.

5. Financial institutions and banks, except drive through.

6. Professional services, including medical, dental and optical offices, real estate, travel agencies, brokerage houses, office supplies.

7. Business services, including advertising, employment services, management and consulting services, and similar uses.

8. Commercial recreation including the following :

a. Health clubs and spas. 

b. Movie theaters and multiplexes, except drive in.

c .Bars and nightclubs, with or without music, live or recorded

d. Amusement arcades within completely enclosed buildings.

9. Civic and assembly uses, whether public or private, including offices, libraries, galleries, performing arts theaters, museums and similar uses and associated ancillary uses.

10. Mixed use development.

11. Parking lots and parking structures, whether public or private; provided, however, that parking structures shall be of a closed construction type only and that said structures shall comply with architectural standards set forth in Article V and the accompanying Architectural and Design Pattern Book of this Code.

12. Automobile rental businesses may be permitted as an accessory use so long as that business is located within a transient accommodation use, provided that long-term parking and marked reserved spaces of rental vehicles be prohibited.

13. Transit stops.

14. Places of worship.

15. Brewpubs, provided the following standards are met:

a. No outdoor storage shall be permitted.

b. All malt, vinous, or distilled liquor production shall be within completely enclosed structures.

c. By-products or waste from the production of the malt, vinous, or distilled liquor shall be properly disposed of off-site.

d. All mechanical equipment, visible from the street or adjacent to residential uses, shall be screened using architectural features consistent with the principal structure.

(Ord. No. 2018-02, § 17, 2-6-18; Ord. No. 2018-14 , § 11, 11-6-18)

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7. What type of uses and density are allowed at the City Hall site now? I heard that only professional offices were going to be allowed?
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12. Has the City considered the carbon footprint of the additional density and traffic?
13. Is the CRA Code for allowable businesses on course to be changed? Is it possible to change it? If so, should we be working on this item BEFORE a density change?
14. If we can change code for allowable businesses from Park Blvd to St Petersburg Dr, will the currently existing businesses be grandfathered in?
15. Has the city hired a commercial appraiser to determine the fair market value of the vacant land?
16. Is there a time frame that we must reply to Woodfield by? either in writing or verbal?
17. Does Woodfield plan on building out some of the retail space to house a restaurant (or two or three)?
18. What percentage of the total land will be dedicated as a park?
19. Will Oldsmar residents have access to any part of the apartment complex?
20. Have we discussed with Woodfield the possibility of putting a roof top restaurant on the top of the parking garage so that the public has access to it?
21. Have we ever approached Woodfield about a compromise on the density? Usually in negotiations, a developer will ask for more than he needs, assuming it will be scaled back.
22. What active role is the city currently playing in bringing businesses to ALREADY EXISTING spaces?
23. If codes can be changed to reflect the businesses we want, can we then partition into smaller pieces - with businesses/developers for smaller areas? Can we put a park in the middle?
24. How much parking in the proposed garage will be for the general public? Also, on "event" days will this be enough or will we still have overflow parking down side streets?
25. How many cars do we currently get at events held at RE Olds park?
26. Is there a plan to put a "flood control" area as part of the park?
27. Could we partner with Washington Square LLC who owns the empty parcels at Washington and State for a smaller parking garage there? (assuming no apartment building).
28. A density increase could mean that Washington Square could also turn in to a high density, 5 story building, correct?
29. Could we just increase density for the triangle area owned by B & H Properties?
30. If density increases, that area of Tampa Rd owned by Murray Motive, Pest Bear and Gulf Stream Pools would also be included, correct? Have they requested a density increase too?
31. Has the city discussed where the access pt would be? If the access pt would be an expanded version of the turn on to Washington Ave from Tampa Rd, I'm assuming that would require state approval?
32. If access can’t be put on Tampa Rd, would Woodfield, or any other developer still be interested? I would assume that they would need access from Tampa Rd instead of State Street, is that correct?