Why do an Oldsmar fire truck and a Sunstar ambulance respond to medical calls?
The City of Oldsmar Fire Rescue staffs its emergency apparatus with cross trained firefighter paramedics who serve as the Advanced Life Support first responders to 911 calls for medical assistance, rescues and vehicle crashes. The Pinellas County ambulance service, Sunstar, is also dispatched to provide patient transport to the hospital if necessary. The ambulance is staffed with a paramedic as well and is capable of taking over patient care from the Fire Department. In serious cases, the fire rescue paramedic may ride in the ambulance to the hospital as well to lend assistance. This system provides the fastest response to those in need and allows the fire rescue unit to be available to respond to the next emergency call.

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4. Why do an Oldsmar fire truck and a Sunstar ambulance respond to medical calls?
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