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Admin Services

  1. Job Application

    ADA Compliant job application 2019

  1. Vendor Application

    Application for Vendors

Planning & Redevelopment

  1. Attention Gull Aire Residents
  2. Golf Cart Operator Permit Application
  3. Recreational Vehicle Parking Exception Application

    as described in LDC code Section 14.11

  4. Roofing Permit Inspection Affidavit

    Attachment to roofing permit-Inspection Affidavit

  5. Tree Removal Application

    Must get approval to remove trees on private property

  6. Window/Door Compliance Letter

    Compliance letter required for all window/door installations

  1. Garage Sale Permit

    Garage sales will be permitted for a maximum of 10 consecutive days

  2. Owner/Builder Affidavit
  3. Report a Code Violation
  4. Temporary Banner Permit

    Apply for an event banner

  5. Uniform Notice of Low-Voltage Alarm System

Public Works

  1. Service Request Form

    ATTENTION: To report Water Leaks or Sewer Clogs, call 813-749-1226 IMMEDIATELY.