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Oldsmar in Orbit Student Contest

  2. Open to all elementary students in Tampa Bay!

    Have Fun, Learn and Win Prizes!

    Last year the City of Oldsmar launched its unique Planetary Walk which begins in RE Olds Park.  What makes this walk special is a feature called augmented reality.  

    Using a smart phone, scan the QR code at any of the planets, download the free ROAR App and then follow the instructions to see each planet come to life in a 3-D format with narration by a real NASA astronaut. You’ll learn lots of interesting facts.  What a great way to learn about the solar system.

    Now here’s the exciting part, each child who completes the planetary walk and answers five short questions will be entered into a prize drawing for some cool prizes related to space. And it’s not just one or two prizes but dozens to be given away to intrepid space travelers.

    So, blast into space and begin your planetary walk. Visit all nine planets, then scan the QR code below to answer the planetary walk questions and submit them for the contest.

    The contest ends on March 30. Prize winners will be announced on announced on the Oldsmar in Orbit page on Friday, April 14. Winners will be responsible in picking up prizes.  

    Happy Space Exploration!

  3. Which planet has two sunrises and two sunsets each day?

  4. What planet smells like stinky eggs?

  5. How many years does it take Neptune to go around the sun?

  6. What was the last planet to be discovered?

  7. What was your favorite planet?

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