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Attention Gull Aire Residents

  1. Attention Gull Aire Residents

  2. The City of Oldsmar requires contractors or residents to obtain a permit for all window and door replacements. The reason for this is to verify the product approvals for the windows and/or doors, verify the contractor's license/insurance and reporting purposes to the Pinellas County Property Appraiser any improvements to the property.

  3. The City of Oldsmar requires a window/door compliance letter from your contractor upon completion of the job to close your permit. This compliance letter is a notarized document stating the contractor installed your windows and/or doors per the manufacturer's specifications. If the permit is being pulled as an "owner builder", the homeowner is responsible for providing the letter of compliance to the City.

    If you feel your windows and/or doors have not been installed correctly please contact your contractor first.

  4. Your residence may or may not require an inspection.

    If an inspection is required your contractor will need to make arrangements with you the homeowner for the inspection as someone is required to be at the home.

  5. Inspections are performed Monday – Friday, except holidays. You may call our office at 9:00am the day of your inspection to find out the timeframe for your inspection.

    813‐749‐1121 or 813‐749‐1124

  6. Please note that the Building Department is unable to schedule exact appointments for inspections, we can only give a general window timeframe for it to be completed.

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