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City of Oldsmar Flea Market Business Tax Receipt

  2. Must include the City, State and Zip Code

  3. Florida statute 205.053 requires that no tax receipt shall be issued unless a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) is obtained.
  4. (if applicable)
  5. Example: Fee Exemption form per F.S. 205

  7. I hereby certify that this application is true and correct and that I have made all required leasing arrangements with the Oldsmar Flea Market. I also understand that all tax receipts issued by the City of Oldsmar are subject to applicable city ordinances and Land Development Regulations. Holding this tax receipt does not constitute any temporary or permanent permit to engage in business at any other location.
  8. By typing your name here, you are signing this form electronically. You agree you are submitting this affidavit for processing and is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this form. You must be the legal business owner or authorized agent which match our registration records. Note: A notarized Letter of Authorization is required for an agent to sign the application or any other correspondence that calls for an agent signature.
  9. * The City of Oldsmar collects your Social Security Number for the following purposes: identification and verification; credit worthiness; billing and payment; data collection; reconciliation, tracking, benefit processing, tax reporting or as required by Florida Statutes. Social Security Numbers are also used as a unique numeric identifier and may be used for such purposes
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